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We are a highly Competitive Company providing our clients with the highest level of commitment.


All of our diesel equipment is equipped with scrubbers. These devices reduce harmful pollutants by catalytically converting pollutants to water and carbon dioxide. Inside the canister is a honeycomb substrate coated with a small amount of precious metals where the rection takes place. Our scrubbers allow us to work indoors without health risks. We also always use low sulphur diesel fuel.
Cobra Concrete offers numerous services:

• Slab Sawing
• Wall Sawing
• Core Drilling
• Concrete Pipe Cutting
• Curb & Gutter
• Expansion Joints
• Breaking & Removal
• Cut, Supply & Install Windows
• Consulting
• GPR Concrete Scanning &

Cobra has the knowledge & equipment to provide a competent solution for all your concrete cutting needs.

Cobra Concrete Cutting uses the most efficient and effective equipment on the market. Cobra's equipment consists of diesel, hydraulic, gas and electric. Water is always used when sawing or drilling to provide a dust free environment and to keep blades cool for a more effective cut.

When sawing or drilling, it is a top concern for Cobra to be clean and organized. Cobra always wets down any area adjacent to the area to be cut, this is so the slurry does not "stick" to the adjacent surface. Once slurry has been dried, it is virtually impossible to remove.

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