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Slab Sawing

Slab Saw is the most common type of saw used; it is a walk behind with a diamond blade attached on either side for precise cutting and is water cooled. The blades vary in size up to 42".

Floor Sawing Concrete

Expansion joints
are extremely crucial in any freshly poured concrete. These joints need to be produced in a certain time frame after being poured to eliminate cracks. Ornate cut patterns can also be produced on tile for an esthetic look.

Cutting concrete floors whether suspended slab or slab on grade can be completely cut out or trenched for numerous reasons, demolition, electrical, plumbing, telecommunication, fiber optics, gas lines and repairs.

Asphalt & Road Sawing

Slab saws are required for asphalt repairs on roads, walkways, bicycle paths, driveways, plumbing, electrical. Also for expanding roads or trenching for new gas lines or sewer pipes which need to be placed beneath the ground.
Chop Saw and Ring Saw

Chop saws
are similar to a chain saw except with a round diamond blade and are ideal for quick and easy cutting. The depth of the cut can be up to 5" and are a hand held saw used for;

• breaking out a small piece of
  structure for repair
• eliminating trip hazards
• extending a cut closer to
  a wall where the slab saw
  could not reach
any other tight areas where
  the slab saw cannot
  arrive at

Ring Saws
are also a hand held saw, with a round diamond blade which looks like a ring. The depth a ring saw can cut is 10". Ring saws are a supreme piece of equipment that should be in everyone's inventory. Ring saws are useful for:

• prevention of overcuts
• cutting of concrete pipes
• virtually any other situations
  where the other saws cannot
  be used
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