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Wall Sawing

Wall saws are quite a delicate piece of machinery. Tracks are placed on the structure both vertical and horizontal and then the saw is placed on the tracks. The saw then moves along the track to create the cut. The horizontal cuts are usually done first and then the vertical cuts.

Wall saws cut precisely plumb, level, angled or beveled edges in walls or floors.

They also create versatile controlled demolition to cut access ways for stairways, elevator shafts, windows and doors, expansions, placement of any pipes required by plumbers or electrical.

Wall saws are also used to cut the basement around the perimeter of the home for relocation or additions.
Windows and Doors

Wall saws are the only saws that should be used for cutting window or door openings or enlargements. The placement of the track is extremely crucial. The windows or doors needs to fit properly, level and square with some room for shimming.

Pressure treated lumber should always be used as a buck between the concrete and the window as well, so when measuring, this needs to be accounted for in the placement of the tracks.
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